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The Ins and Outs of ESSA and What The Law Means for Edtech

The Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), the still new federal law that replaces the No...Read more >

{Cheat Sheet} An Overview of Federal Education Funding Sources

Savvy education marketers know which federal funding sources can be used for their products and...Read more >

An Inside Look into New School Initiatives — and How to Market to Them

Project based learning. Personalized learning. Blending learning. These aren’t just buzzwords in the education space....Read more >

Schools Open Soon. Time to Plan Your Back-To-School Marketing Strategy.

Ready or not, the start of the school year will be here before you know...Read more >

Principal’s Perspective: My Back-to-School Wish List for Education Vendors

At this time of year, school’s are buzzing with preparation for the new school year. Principals have a lot on...

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3 Truths About the Education Market

The education market is exciting and opportunities abound. But it takes some time to really understand the ins and out...

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Summertime is the Right Time to Give Your CRM Some Love

The education market is constantly shifting, especially during summer. Institutions and personnel use the months while students are on break...

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Federal Education Funding, Explained

When working in the K-12 education market you’ll hear a lot of talk about federal education funding. It’s a big...

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Schools Are About to Close, Now What? 2018 School Close Dates & a Guide to Summer Marketing

Schools will be closing for summer over the next couple of months. But just because they’re going on break, that...

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Principal Purchasing: The Ins and Outs

Principals have many decisions to make when it comes to purchasing for their school. The first question asked is how...

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Use Data to Drive Your Education Marketing Decisions

Personalized learning has probably come up in your conversations with prospect schools and districts — at least once or twice. Educators...

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3 Things Every Digital Learning Tool Must Have to Support Personalized Learning

Think about some of your most memorable, relevant, and positive learning experiences. What were they like? How would you describe...

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In The Trenches With The ESSA: An Educator’s Perspective

The 2017-2018 school year has been a key year for the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA). The impacts of the...

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Cracking the Code to Develop Critical Thinking Skills

Thinking back on different educational conferences that I have attended, I can think of at least ten different times where...

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Promoting and Marketing Curriculum for Varied Instruction

As you develop your products, it's important to remember that teachers are responsible for the education of their students, regardless...

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3 Hot K-12 Trends and Implications for Ed Tech Sales and Marketing

What’s forecasted to take center stage in K-12 educational technology?  How can you take advantage to boost your career, build...

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Teachers Have the Purchasing Power (More Than You May Realize)

Although school and district leaders often are the ones with the final say on large edtech and curriculum purchases, teachers...

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Who Does What in Schools and Districts?

When considering the best ways to sell to schools, it’s easy to understand why the proposition can seem bewilderingly complex...

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What's Social and Emotional Learning Got to Do with Your Product? More than You May Think!

There seems to be a constant stream of new buzzwords in the education arena. Every couple of years, schools and...

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4 Reasons to Not to Overlook Catholic and Private Schools

Only about 10 percent of elementary and secondary students in the U.S. are enrolled in private or Catholic schools, according...

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Personalized Learning: Are You Personalizing Your Product Development?

Personalized learning, or individualized instruction, is one of the hottest topics in education today. In today’s digital world, jobs require...

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Seasons of Success: Mastering the Education Marketing Cycle

When it comes to selling to schools, timing really is everything. Sounds like a cliché? Consider this: Sixty to seventy...

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3 Reasons Why Successful Product Implementation is Critical to Your K-12 Sales Success

Now that cloud-based products and services have become the dominate educational technology solutions, successful implementation has moved from important to...

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Target a Growing Market for Growing Learners: Opportunities in Early Childhood Education Little Learners, Big Opportunities

According to the U.S. Department of Education, many states are making significant progress in shaping and developing early learning systems,...

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August 2017 Update: Federal Education Funding for FY17 & FY18

There has been much speculation and uncertainty surrounding the federal education budget for the 2017-18 school year. When President Trump...

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Education Market Leadership Series: Part 6 of 6

How to Help K-12 Decision Makers Shift Their Perspectives (and Boost Your School Sales!) We've been exploring the Four Rules...

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Education Market Leadership Series: Part 5 of 6

How to Really Move the Needle in the K-12 School Market We've been exploring the Four Rules of Engagement, which...

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Education Market Leadership Series: Part 4 of 6

In article three of my six-part Education Leadership Series, I introduced the concept of the Four Rules of Engagement. “Everyone’s greatest desire...

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Education Market Leadership Series: Part 3 of 6

How to Make Your Product Demo (and Your Sales Process) Really Get Results With all the competition and dynamics in...

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Education Market Leadership Series: Part 2 of 6

How to Reassess Education Marketing and Sales Processes in a Changing K-12 Market Companies are consolidating. Publishers are re-strategizing and...

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Education Market Leadership Series: Part 1 of 6

As you know, today’s education market is a sea of change. It may seem as if you are being tossed...

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How to Find Treasure in Education Niche Markets

Seven Tips to Boost Sales to Special K-12 Segments Special education and other rapidly expanding niche markets offer great promise...

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EdTech Field of Dreams: If You Build It, Will They Come?

You may be old enough to remember the award-winning movie starring Kevin Costner, Field of Dreams. The plot centers around a...

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The Hidden Challenge Facing Education Industry Managers

Help Your Customers Manage Change Are you a senior manager of a company that develops and sells instructional solutions, especially...

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Education Channel Alert: The Homeschool Market — Part 3 of 3

Finding Education Sales Opportunities in the Growing Homeschool Market: Part 3 – Networking with Homeschoolers at Conferences and Curriculum Fairs...

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Education Channel Alert: The Homeschool Market — Part 2 of 3

Finding Sales Opportunities in the Growing Homeschool Market: Part 2 - Support Groups In part one of this three-part series on the...

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Education Channel Alert: The Homeschool Market — Part 1 of 3

Finding Sales Opportunities in the Growing Homeschool Market: Part 1 - Know the Market With budgets shrinking rapidly in public...

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Dogs Get Trained. Teachers Get Professional Development

Why Professional Development Is Effective for Selling To Schools Anyone with experience selling products to support the curriculum knows that...

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How Effectiveness Research Impacts K-12 Education Marketing

Educators expect many types of educational technology to improve learning. This expectation sets the educational technology market apart from other...

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