Education Marketing


A Helpful Hashtag Lesson for Education Companies: And How To Use Them

Are you curious about Twitter but haven't dared to jump in? Maybe now is the time! Twitter isn’t going anywhere...

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What the Facebook Apocalypse Means to EDU Marketing

When I wrote my last blog post for the good folks at Selling To Schools, I had an editorial calendar laid out...

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Teachers are people too.

As I was thinking about the subject of my inaugural post for the good folks at Selling To Schools, I...

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Social Media and Educators: To Like or Not

Social media, with its emphasis on connectivity and the free exchange of information, is an environment ready-made for educators. In...

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Why Time-Tested Education Marketing Still Fits

The Internet has revolutionized teaching, learning – and marketing to schools. But the adage “what’s old is new again” has...

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