An Inside Look into New School Initiatives — and How to Market to Them

Project based learning. Personalized learning. Blending learning. These aren’t just buzzwords in the education space. These are real teaching and learning methodologies that schools are implementing, or are planning to implement in the near future, to better support their students. There are strong marketing and sales opportunities around these new teaching and learning initiatives. The more you know about your core audience of educators, including which methodologies they have implemented or are considering, the more you can tailor your messaging to their specific wants and...

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Accelerate Your Education Sales and Marketing

{Cheat Sheet} An Overview of Federal Education Funding Sources

Savvy education marketers know which federal funding sources can be used for their products and services. Schools and districts often overlook federal education funding revenue sources, and your insight can help them find money...

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Principal’s Perspective: My Back-to-School Wish List for Education Vendors

At this time of year, school’s are buzzing with preparation for the new school year. Principals have a lot on their plates right now, including what type of professional development teachers and staff need...

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Schools Open Soon. Time to Plan Your Back-To-School Marketing.

Ready or not, the start of the school year will be here before you know it. Agile Education Marketing analyzed its institutional database to find out when most districts and schools will be opening...

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Federal Education Funding, Explained

When working in the K-12 education market you’ll hear a lot of talk about federal education funding. It’s a big deal for any business that wants to effectively sell to schools. But what does...

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3 Truths About the Education Market

The education market is exciting and opportunities abound. But it takes some time to really understand the ins and out of the purchasing cycle. There are many individuals involved. It follows a highly regimented...

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Education Data on Demand

Stay in the know with Selling to Schools