Districts Say E-rate is Critical to Their Learning Goals

Annual survey reveals that a majority of respondents said E-rate helps them obtain faster internet connections. In 2017, a large majority of E-rate applicants (87 percent) said the federally funded program is vital to their internet connectivity goals, according to an annual survey that tracks program applicants’ perspectives on the program. In the midst of leadership changes in the White House and the FCC, as well as education budget cuts, ed-tech stakeholders have raised questions regarding the promise of the E-rate program to deliver safe...

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Does “Traditional” Teaching Still Have a Place in Our Classrooms?

There is a push across the country to flood our schools with technology. Along with the devices and additional connectivity comes a flood of questions from educators: How do I have time for one...

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This Summer’s Data Changes Could Affect Next Spring’s Sales

For the past four or so months, schools have been quiet. Classroom doors are shut. Laptops are closed. Hallways and lockers are empty. But that doesn’t mean that things haven’t been happening. There’s been...

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An Inside Look into New School Initiatives — and How to Market to Them

Project based learning. Personalized learning. Blending learning. These aren’t just buzzwords in the education space. These are real teaching and learning methodologies that schools are implementing, or are planning to implement in the near...

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Principal’s Perspective: My Back-to-School Wish List for Education Vendors

At this time of year, school’s are buzzing with preparation for the new school year. Principals have a lot on their plates right now, including what type of professional development teachers and staff need...

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A Helpful Hashtag Lesson for Education Companies: And How To Use Them

Are you curious about Twitter but haven't dared to jump in? Maybe now is the time! Twitter isn’t going anywhere anytime soon and there’s a lot of evidence out there that teachers are using...

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