Testing Tips for EdTech Product Developers

Testing is often hotly debated amongst educators but whether it’s a pop quiz, end-of-unit assessment or state standardized test, tests are an integral part of the learning process and essential to providing teachers with insights into how to better support student success. By understanding the differences between the different types of assessments teachers use, you will have the necessary background knowledge to build the types of assessments teachers really need into your products. Formative Assessments: By definition, formative assessments can be formal or informal but...

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Teachers and the Power of Purchasing

It’s the holiday season and although it seems that spring is far away, it’s really just around the corner. Spring represents beauty, renewal and new life, however, to a school district, spring also means...

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School Administrators and their Data Driven Purchases

School systems, nationwide, are utilizing the power of data daily. Data helps drive school improvement, from test scores to school climate, and even parental and community involvement. It is safe to say that data...

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Raising the Professional Development Bar To Elevate Educators

Teacher professional development has gotten a bad reputation over the years: “sit and get,” “sage on stage,” “one and done,” “irrelevant,” “boring”; the list goes on. Combined, federal, state, and local spending on professional...

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Does “Traditional” Teaching Still Have a Place in Our Classrooms?

There is a push across the country to flood our schools with technology. Along with the devices and additional connectivity comes a flood of questions from educators: How do I have time for one...

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An Inside Look into New School Initiatives — and How to Market to Them

Project based learning. Personalized learning. Blending learning. These aren’t just buzzwords in the education space. These are real teaching and learning methodologies that schools are implementing, or are planning to implement in the near...

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Education Data on Demand

Stay in the know with Selling to Schools