Social media as a marketplace

It would be difficult to find a strong argument that social media isn't a powerful marketing tool when used correctly. While careful planning and execution are critical for success and not every campaign will be a smash hit, social's power to connect your company to teachers, administrators and other professionals in the world of education is impossible to ignore. There's another important part of social media to consider beyond outreach, connecting with an audience and raising awareness of your products, however. Many different social platforms...

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What is the Facebook pixel and how do I use it?

The Facebook pixel is a wide-reaching tool offered by the namesake social media giant to businesses and other organizations, allowing them to enhance and improve their marketing efforts in a number of ways. Let's...

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Why social media is vital for effective outreach

Social media has quickly grown from a variety of new and growing - if relatively closed-off communities - to a broadly popular communication tool. The most popular platforms, Facebook and YouTube, count significant majorities...

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Teachers and the Power of Purchasing

It’s the holiday season and although it seems that spring is far away, it’s really just around the corner. Spring represents beauty, renewal and new life, however, to a school district, spring also means...

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School Administrators and their Data Driven Purchases

School systems, nationwide, are utilizing the power of data daily. Data helps drive school improvement, from test scores to school climate, and even parental and community involvement. It is safe to say that data...

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Raising the Professional Development Bar To Elevate Educators

Teacher professional development has gotten a bad reputation over the years: “sit and get,” “sage on stage,” “one and done,” “irrelevant,” “boring”; the list goes on. Combined, federal, state, and local spending on professional...

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Education Data on Demand

Stay in the know with Selling to Schools