Why social media is vital for effective outreach

Social media has quickly grown from a variety of new and growing - if relatively closed-off communities - to a broadly popular communication tool. The most popular platforms, Facebook and YouTube, count significant majorities of U.S. adults as users, as the Pew Research Center pointed out. Other social media offerings, like Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter, are increasingly used by younger adults.

The important takeaway for companies that market to schools and the people who work at them is simple and powerful: Social media is established across the many demographics that make up U.S. adults in general and education professionals specifically. How can your business be sure it has a strong and dependable approach to social media outreach?

Abstract image of common social media terms - share, follow, etc.Social media isn't a widespread classroom tool, but many educators use it on a personal level.

The power of social media outreach

Social media marketing is common among a wide range of businesses, and it's been that way for a while. As far back as 2014, close to 90 percent of all companies used social media on a daily basis in an attempt to connect with their customers, eMarketer reported. Why? It's due to a mix of convenience, the potential to build a large audience, the ability to share a wide range of information and marketing collateral and many other benefits. With a thoughtfully considered social media strategy, companies can use a relatively small staff to achieve impressive results.

One thing to focus on in the world of education is the lasting connections that you can build with clients in many instances. Teachers, administrators and support staff have physical and email addresses that can quickly change when they move between positions or institutions. When they follow your business on social media, they'll keep seeing your posts. That's true even if they move along their career path or take a new opportunity in a district across their state or on the other side of the country. While you don't want to ignore outreach through digital and traditional mail - it's an important way to offer personalized, in-depth information - social media can help you build continuity with clients.

Another important education-specific point to remember is teachers primarily use social media for themselves as opposed to their students. There are a number of possible issues that come with using social media as a learning tool, but the adult professionals in the education industry are already comfortable spending time on these platforms for their own enjoyment. What's more, a significant number of teachers find it's a good place to learn about a variety of classroom products.

How Agile helps you with social media marketing

With Agile Social, you have a reliable tool that can connect you to the professionals you want to target. Laser-focused advertisements, specialized outreach and re-targeting of past visitors can all boost your social media strategy and help your educational marketing efforts move up to the next level. To learn more about our social advertising, insight and management services, check out our webinar with Ryan Fox, our Director of Digital Strategy. Watch Now!


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