Why holistic engagement is so important to successful marketing

A holistic marketing campaign may sound like a complicated or difficult process, but the term actually has a simple meaning. A holistic approach to marketing means designing campaigns and carrying them out as part of a common, shared business objective, instead of developing them individually and without consideration for each other, as Investopedia pointed out.

There are a number of components that come along with the holistic marketing concept. Let's look at one that's especially important for businesses focused on education marketing and reaching out to professionals in that space: Utilizing a variety of media to encourage action among a group of carefully targeted education professionals.

A concept image of a hand clicking an email icon.
Email is a core component of a good holistic marketing campaign.

A multifaceted, efficiently targeted campaign

With three key types of advertising in place and the right data used for customer segmentation, your company can reach out to your target audience effectively and start building a connection that leads to future sales. The three mediums we focus on in holistic marketing efforts are:

1. Email

Email is an indispensable part of the modern economy and personal lives, and educators and administrators are no exception. Education professionals rely on email for communicating with a wide variety of colleagues and other stakeholders. Depending on how your company proves its value to your target customer base, your company can easily fall among that group of stakeholders, too. Offering relevant information, offers and promotions to potential customers, and using our data to personalize those messages, allows your company to demonstrate value while building brand awareness and encouraging action. With our AgileDeploy framework, you can be confident that your business will target the right professionals and create opportunities for positive engagement.

2. Social media

The barriers to entry on social media are especially low. Businesses can create a page and start posting and attempting to connect with audiences with minimal expense. Ease of access only has so much to do with results, however. A strong social campaign builds on the messages contained in emails while also being conscious of the unique elements of the medium, like an emphasis on images and the conversational nature of most posts. With targeted social media advertising, management and insights, our AgileSocial program helps your business implement another key component in a holistic marketing campaign.

3. Direct mail

Direct mail doesn't have the luster of digital marketing, but it's still a vital part of a multifaceted effort to build connections with customers. Direct mail with a targeted, interesting and relevant message can be a novelty in an era where most effective marketing efforts are seen online. Our experience with direct mail helps you reach the right people at the right time, whether it's with a basic mailer or a more involved - and expensive - textbook or curriculum sample. With our accurate database of addresses and support for identifying relevant prospects, direct mail can definitely pay off.

Want to learn more about our strategies for boosting engagement with education professionals? Check out our dedicated page and get in touch with us for more information.


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