Technology Offers Limitless Learning Opportunities for Students

Technology Offers Limitless Learning Opportunities for Students

Recent years have fostered a technological boom in the classroom. In fact, 74% of teachers say that using technology in class helps them teach their students. With such a wide array of technological aides at their disposal, teachers and students alike will be using modern technology known as "ed-tech" and the internet to further expand on ideas and topics taught in school. And while there is still a place for traditional teaching methods, there’s no doubt that the benefits of technology are overwhelmingly here to stay. 

Is Virtual Reality the Next Digital Classroom?

One of the most promising aspects of educational tech involves virtual reality (VR). With VR glasses, students can be digitally transported all around the world, and even to historical sites, allowing them to experience the ancient civilizations they’re learning about. And science students will have the ability to take a look inside the human body, and see firsthand how the organs function. These incredible opportunities were thought of as Hollywood science-fiction just a few short years ago, and are now digital realities thanks to VR.

In addition to the educational opportunities VR presents, it can transport kids into their own classroom if they’re physically unable to be there. Kids with illnesses, learning disabilities, or those living in underprivileged areas will have full access to high-end education with the implementation of virtual reality in every class. Of course, the cost of implementing this technology into every school in America would be taxing on education budgets, but as the United States continues to fall behind the rest of the world in education - it’s more important than ever to implement the best educational tools into the classroom.

All the World’s Knowledge at Our Fingertips

The technology boom of the 21st century brought out the internet’s full potential as a tool for education. No where else is it possible to store most of human knowledge and history, and make it accessible to just about anyone with a smart phone and WiFi. Instead of lugging around heavy books, students have the option to store all the information they need in school on one device. Tablets have grown increasingly popular for students - as they can usually provide plenty of storage and note-taking ability, at a fraction of the weight of books or a laptop. Modern students will have to be able to navigate the internet with fluency and ease in order to be able to compete in the global economy - and learning specific facts, figures, and dates will be less important since that information is available in seconds through a quick Google search.

As technology continues to evolve, there will be an increasing influence on our educational system. Students will have plenty of tools to find the information they need, and learning these technological tools will be almost as important as learning the subjects themselves. The world is rapidly changing, and incorporating more technology into the classroom will help students gain a competitive edge once they enter the real world and begin to contribute to the world’s society.

By Jennifer Dawson

Independent education writer


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