Teachers are people too.

As I was thinking about the subject of my inaugural post for the good folks at Selling To Schools, I decided to start with a big picture of how I approach selling to schools in general. It is a part of my overall philosophy about how we connect with people on social media. 

The other day, I came across the following Tweet "Students have BS detectors for fake relevance. It has to be THEIR relevance that learning is connected to. Driving question: how can teachers/schools ensure they identify what is relevant [sic] to each and every student?"

 It made me think of a song that regularly pops into my head when speaking to new and prospective clients. Sometimes, when clients start talking about how to talk to teachers — as if teachers are some alien life form — I start humming the theme song from "Kids Are People Too". 

(Yes, I am that old. If you're also that old, here's a link to make you smile. Go pour yourself a bowl of Cocoa Puffs, grab a bean bag and rock out.)

As much as I joke, I also think it is something we sometimes forget. I am a marketing type person, yes. And that means I have special super powers that others don't. Teachers can stand for 10 hours a day and then grade papers for another 10 hours and not go completely insane. That's their super power. But at the end of the day, we are all people. 

We like to feel heard and appreciated. We want to be respected. We don't want to be pandered to and we don't like being tricked.

social media and educators

When we as marketers connect with teachers as PEOPLE, we are treating them the way we want to be treated. That honesty and integrity goes a long way for your brand. When you want them to learn how to buy your product, don't pretend you're not trying that. It serves you no good to lure them to your site and have them walk away feeling grifted. 

In the parlance of social media, “Marketers, #dobetter.”


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With several decades of digital marketing experience under her belt, Becca has seen and adapted to the many major evolutions in how we communicate with each other, and she has used each iteration to advance the goals of her clients and their businesses. She has worked with education companies, nonprofits, service organizations, authors and Fortune 100 companies, as both a digital strategist and project manager. She currently runs a social media marketing agency of her own, EMC7, where she focuses on doing well by doing good.

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