Taking advantage of summer to make vital contact with education professionals

Summer is often seen as a time of reduced work for many education professionals. Educational institutions may host summer sessions of one type or another, but the number of students is usually significantly lower than during the regular school year. And while administrators still go into the office every day, they don't have to contend with the issues that arise when dealing with an individual school or entire district full of students, teachers and support staff. Teachers, meanwhile, are often hard at work developing lesson plans and preparing for the coming year, but they aren't in their classrooms and teaching on a daily basis.

Why should the specific conditions of summer matter to you and your company? And how do you take advantage of this season?

Why summer is prime time for more individualized and substantial outreach

"how do you take advantage of summer?"

Understanding how the summer season affects education professionals is vital for getting the most out of these months. As we detailed, summer is a period of reduced activity for most teachers, administrators and other staff, but it's rare for those in the world of education to totally ignore their roles for extended periods of time. In essence, they still have their careers on their mind to some degree, but also have more free time or at least a less-intense schedule while most students aren't present. This combination of continued focus and fewer obligations can make outreach from your business especially effective.

Making more meaningful contact with education professionals

A lack of time makes it that much more difficult for professionals in the education space to pay attention to marketing outreach, demonstrations and similar efforts, much less make a decision about a purchase or contract. That's especially true if they don't absolutely need a product or service to address an immediate, drastic concern, as helpful or beneficial as it may be otherwise. Summer offers a time that's more conducive to thinking about the big picture and making improvements to operations, whether it's in how a district manages staffing needs or how an individual teacher can update a specific part of their curriculum and make it more engaging or interactive.

Education professionals in general have more time to engage with vendors and service providers in the summer. Beyond offering pitches and demos for new products, sales representatives and others can use this time to continue building relationships and checking in about any questions or concerns education professionals may have. With more time on their hands, teachers, administrators and others can be more receptive to these types of communications, which is in turn a more productive and positive use of your sales reps' time.

Of course, businesses still need to have effective outreach and contact strategies in place to make the most of the summer season. To learn more about how Agile can help your company access and maintain current, accurate and valuable contact information for better education marketing, get in touch with us today.


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