This Summer’s Data Changes Could Affect Next Spring’s Sales

For the past four or so months, schools have been quiet. Classroom doors are shut. Laptops are closed. Hallways and lockers are empty.

But that doesn’t mean that things haven’t been happening. There’s been a flurry of activity. New schools have opened and some schools have closed. Educators have moved to different roles, schools and districts. And when their titles change, their contact information often does, too. Take a look at some of the activity in the K-12 education market that has occurred over just the past few months.

The changes that have taken place this summer and fall will have an impact on the success of your spring marketing and sales efforts. Make sure you have the most accurate educator data and school intelligence as you wrap up your back-to-school campaigns and start planning for the critical spring budgeting season. Whether it’s licensing a new email and direct mail list or updating your CRM, it’s important to make sure your sales and marketing keeps up with the movement in the market. Take a look at all the latest education data from Agile Education Marketing.



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About the Author

Verlan Stephens is a Founder and Managing Partner at Agile Education Marketing with more than 30 years of experience compiling, managing and analyzing large information databases. He applies that knowledge and skill to lead Agile’s data compilation efforts. He also provides expertise in data trending and market intelligence. Verlan is passionate about helping companies use data to better understand the education market and make research-based decisions around product and business development in the education space. Reach Verlan at


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