Social Media and Educators: To Like or Not

Social media, with its emphasis on connectivity and the free exchange of information, is an environment ready-made for educators. In fact, in a recent study conducted by Agile Education Marketing, the majority of teachers (78 percent) report that they use social media for everything from lesson plans to support from their peers. This presents an opportunity for education marketers to meet teachers where they already are – on Pinterest, YouTube, Facebook, and other popular social networking sites. 

Here are a few things to consider when using social media to engage with educators.

  • Teachers seek and expect solid, usable content: It goes without saying that if you’re going to market to teachers, you’d better make sure that your content has real substance. The good news for marketers is that most (68 percent) teachers find social media a valuable way to learn about classroom products and services, meaning they are likely to be receptive.
  • Teachers favor different platforms for different information: Pinterest is the preferred platform for sharing classroom ideas, lesson plans, and professional development, while YouTube topped the list for active teaching.

    Understanding how teachers use social media is invaluable to your marketing efforts. While it may be tempting to target Facebook because of its size and ease, doing so would not be wise: Facebook ranked dead last for sharing ideas, lesson plans, and professional development, with only 29 percent reporting it as their preferred source.
  • Timing matters – a lot: Consider what phase, or mindset, your audience is in relative to the time of year. Between May and July? Educators are in the planning phase. Tailor your content appropriately. Between August and December is the best time to begin an awareness and familiarity sequence, while your efforts should shift to trial and consideration from January to April.
  • Teachers by and large aren’t using social media in the classroom: Although 44 percent of teachers say they are optimistic about being able to use social media in an educational application in the near future, many are uncomfortable doing so at this time. Therefore, it’s best to see social media as a marketing milieu to reach teachers and not as a part of their everyday work lives. Remember, a very large majority of teachers use social media for their benefit only. This does not mean that they are not thinking about work or using social media to find work-related resources. 

Social media marketing presents a potentially powerful way to reach educators. For more tips on how to successfully engage educators through social media, download this free infographic from Agile Education Marketing.


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About the Author

Derek Dallmann is Vice President of Sales at Agile Education Marketing. Throughout his 20 years in education marketing, Derek has worked with hundreds of organizations in the early childhood, K-12 and higher education markets. Derek’s expertise lies in helping organizations define their core audiences and develop targeted, multi-channel marketing strategies to reach educators and achieve sales and marketing objectives. Reach Derek at

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