How to Leverage Your Customers to Generate New Leads

Your current customers are your most valuable asset, and not just because they’ve signed a contract and pay their bills. Your customers are a rich source of information and connections that when leveraged effectively can keep your pipeline full.

1. Before leveraging your customers, you have to understand what first attracted them to your business and why they chose to buy from you.

  • What content do customers pay attention to?
  • What information and resources builds relationships with them?
  • What are the 3-5 things your customers needed to know before they closed the deal with you?

Do your lead generation and nurture campaigns reflect all of the above?

2. Are your customers happy buying from you? A happy customer is worth their weight in gold doubloons.

  • Find out customers’ level of satisfaction by asking them.
    • Two benefits: they’ll be pleased you asked and it gives you valuable information about how to improve satisfaction to build more business with new and existing customers .
  • Very happy customers are much more likely to make referrals when asked. (So be sure to have a process in place to ask for those referrals!)

3. Are you investing in the customer relationship post-sale? Building relationships takes time and happens over time. Customer nurturing should be standard operating procedure for your business. It enhances the customer’s feeling of connection to your business and improves their level of satisfaction making them more likely to renew their contract and refer others. Customer nurturing includes tactics like:

  • Quarterly account reviews and meetings
  • Providing ongoing helpful information about how to successfully use your information. Think tip sheets, playbooks, how-to guides, and videos
  • Hosting user meetings and events

4. Shine a spotlight on your customers. Your customers are doing amazing things. Showcase their accomplishments in case studies, customer profiles, blog articles, and webinars. Doing this helps to build the customer relationship with your business but it’s also a good way to get people other than yourself talking about your products.

Prospects want to know that your product is effective in schools and districts like their own. They also place a high value on what their colleagues have found to be successful solutions. Ask your customers to share their experiences and knowledge. It’s a win-win for them, you and your prospects!

Closing the sale may be the final step in the sales process but it’s the first step in building a relationship with customers that ensures their loyalty and helps to drive future sales.


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