An Inside Look into New School Initiatives — and How to Market to Them

Project based learning. Personalized learning. Blending learning. These aren’t just buzzwords in the education space. These are real teaching and learning methodologies that schools are implementing, or are planning to implement in the near future, to better support their students.

Teaching Methodologies in Use by Schools

There are strong marketing and sales opportunities around these new teaching and learning initiatives. The more you know about your core audience of educators, including which methodologies they have implemented or are considering, the more you can tailor your messaging to their specific wants and needs.

Know Your Audience

EdIntel from Agile Education Marketing offers unparalleled market insight into the initiatives of interest to school districts across the country. Using EdIntel data from Agile, you’ll know exactly what’s trending in the U.S. K-12 education market and which methodologies and technologies the districts you’re prospecting have implemented or are considering implementing.

STEM, blended learning and project based learning are hot trends that continue to grow. Online learning and flipped learning are growing at a moderate rate.

One-to-One continues to grow as part of the device conversation.

Tailor Your Messaging

According to data from a recent Agile Education Marketing survey, educators rely on multiple sources for information about new methodologies as well as solutions for implementing them. Their research spans traditional and nontraditional platforms, print and digital media. Take a look:Sources of information about teaching methodologiesMulti-channel research on the part of educators means multi-channel marketing opportunities for education businesses. Check out the full survey results, here, to learn more about building a marketing and sales campaign around new teaching and learning initiatives that reaches educators across channels. Get insider information about:

  • What educators expect you to know
  • How to time your messaging strategically
  • Who to market to — districts, schools, both?
  • What kinds of information educators are searching for around implementation

Also tune into Agile’s on-demand webinar, The Business of Selling To Schools: The When, Where, Why, & How, to learn even more ways to leverage district demographic data and EdIntel to refine your targeting and maximize your sales and marketing effectiveness.


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About the Author

Verlan Stephens is a Founder and Managing Partner at Agile Education Marketing with more than 30 years of experience compiling, managing and analyzing large information databases. He applies that knowledge and skill to lead Agile’s data compilation efforts. He also provides expertise in data trending and market intelligence. Verlan is passionate about helping companies use data to better understand the education market and make research-based decisions around product and business development in the education space. Reach Verlan at


EdIntel: Education purchasing insight

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