The Importance of Direct Mail

Internet marketing & direct mail – Like peanut butter and jelly

Sure, you can eat peanut butter by itself but isn’t it so much better paired with jelly? The same is true of Internet marketing. Email marketing, banner ads, social media marketing, and your web site are all highly effective marketing tools but you can get even better results from all those channels using direct mail.

In a study conducted by the United States Post office 37% of e-commerce dollars come from catalog recipients and 41% of Americans shop using both catalogs and the Internet.

Direct mail opens doors

While 59% of respondents to a survey indicated that they only open e-mail from a known and trusted sender, direct mail elicits curiosity. Direct mail doesn’t carry the threat of a computer virus or hacker so people are more willing to explore mail from an unknown sender. And once someone has become familiar with your brand through direct mail they’re much more likely to then open your e-mail communications.

Direct mail sticks around

Direct mail has a much longer life span than e-mail, a web page, or banner ad. Educators routinely pass postcards and catalogs along to colleagues as well as keep files of materials for future reference. Education buying is a collaborative process. When you send a catalog to a classroom teacher she’s likely to share that catalog with a Lead Teacher and possibly even a Principal or Assistant Principal in order to get approval for purchasing your product. Catalogs contain more details than an email or even a web page and are easy to share with colleagues.

Direct mail plays well with others

Direct mail is the champion of all your Internet marketing communications. Tell your story in a direct mail piece but also include:

  • Web address
  • Facebook page
  • Twitter account
  • Notice of upcoming email promos

Research from the USPS shows that catalog recipients account for 22% of web site traffic and make 15% more transactions than those who do not receive catalogs.

Like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich direct mail is the education marketers tried and true choice. Direct mail continues to deliver.


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