How to increase your chances of successful social selling


Social media is strongly established as a place to engage with current and potential customers, promote products and services and raise awareness of your company's offerings. It's also gaining steam as a sales channel, although this aspect is somewhat newer and not quite on the same level of recognition as more-established applications. Let's look at how you can make the most of social sales with some basic considerations and practical tips.

Make the sales process as easy as possible

"Social selling is a powerful process when executed properly."

One of the biggest changes to come to the social sales arena, the buy-now button made it noticeably easier to quickly complete a purchase through a social media site. Previously an exclusive asset for Amazon, as Digiday pointed out, the expiration of the patent on this technology means companies can implement this quick-purchase tool without having to pay fees to the ecommerce giant. This is crucial because the buy-now button makes things as easy as possible for your customers. You can complete a sale in just a few clicks, even when your client's original intent was to check out their favorite social site as opposed to make a purchase.

Another part of making sales easy has nothing to do with individual social networks, but can have a major influence on whether customers move all the way through the conversion funnel. Whether or not you accept a given payment type can easily make or break a sale. This is especially important when the potential transaction triggered by a more spur of the moment decision, like seeing a buy-now button, as opposed to a visit to your website with the express purpose of a purchase. Making a variety of popular payment options available - going past credit and debit cards to include choices like PayPal and Venmo - will only encourage your customers to complete the transaction.

Use a strong ecommerce solution

Social selling adds another type of fulfillment channel to your operations. You need to make sure that your customers can expect a positive, simple and stress-free experience when making a purchase through Facebook or Twitter, just like they would when visiting your website, talking to a sales rep over the phone or using any other channel. If you make it easy to buy but the process of the customer actually receiving the product or service you offer is complicated and full of delays, you won't leave a good impression. A strong ecommerce solution will allow you to have confidence in all aspects of the process and encourage further social selling through positive early experiences for your customers.

Social sales can be a valuable asset for your company, extending the reach of an omnichannel strategy while offering a simple and rewarding experience for customers. However, you need to carefully plan and execute your social media sales strategy to ensure it's efficient for your back-end operations and enjoyable for customers. To learn more about how Agile can help you support your social media sales in the world of education, get in touch with us today!


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