Conferences and Client Success

Out of all the conferences offered throughout the year, a group of driven, yet tired, educators happen to stumble into an effective one, that has given them excellent resources and new motivation. What are the odds? Well, likely, if the conference is marketed correctly to attract educators and their professional interests.

There is a myriad of conferences offered in every state, and they range in topics and grade level. The key to finding client success is attracting the right audience. For example, it’s not uncommon for a Principal to send their teachers to a statewide conference. When the teachers arrive, they check in, grab their name tags, agendas, and water bottles, sound familiar? After the introductory keynote speaker, they find themselves in workshops that are geared mostly towards elementary teachers, and elementary student needs and curriculum. The information might be accurate, and well-delivered, however, it’s not relevant to these educators because they are high school teachers.

At a different conference, the topic is literacy, and this particular organization has marketed and invited pre-k teachers, elementary teachers, reading specialists, dyslexia therapists, speech therapists, and language arts teachers. Why? These educators are teaching literacy daily. They are building foundations of reading and language development with their students. This conference is applicable to their profession, and their passion as educators.

If a company is marketing a particular product or technology that is applicable to all educators, then it makes sense for all to attend. However, the best client success stories always begin with a statement regarding relevance and necessity. Providing examples of how these products are necessary for educator success and how relevant they are to their profession and daily lives is key. Various examples will need to be created to make this connection with a wide range of teachers and their grade levels, subject matters, and geographical areas (urban, suburban, rural).

Conference success means that a company or organization had the opportunity to market, brand, and educate teachers and educators about a product that is designed with them in mind. Their target audience responded positively and they have now retained those educators as clients. This success begins with effective marketing, and continues on through providing a product or service that will benefit educators and their students; some might call that a win-win!


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About the Author

Meredith Biesinger is an experienced classroom teacher and school administrator. She has written and implemented differentiated and blended curriculum into various K-12 and college classrooms for more than a decade. With a B.S. degree in English Education and a Master’s of Education in K-12 Policy and Leadership, Meredith’s primary focus has been faculty development and teacher training. Meredith currently resides in Mississippi with her family, where she is actively involved with her community’s schools. In her spare time she enjoys reading, DIY home projects and singing in the local choir.

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