4 Reasons to Not to Overlook Catholic and Private Schools

Only about 10 percent of elementary and secondary students in the U.S. are enrolled in private or Catholic schools, according to the National Center for Education Statistics, but the need for education-related products and services in this market – not to mention its spending power – is great. Here are four reasons marketing to private and Catholic schools is well worth the effort.

  1. Private schools are well funded: Because their revenue comes from tuition, grants, donations, and other private sources, private and Catholic schools are free to allocate their funds how they see fit. This means that their budgets often will allow for much larger and more frequent purchases.
  2. Private schools are often exempt from many of the regulations that govern public schools: Because they operate relatively unencumbered compared to their public counterparts, private schools are often more willing to adopt next-generation technology and to be more experimental and innovative with their curricula and programming.
  3. Private schools suffer from less bureaucracy: In general, private schools have more streamlined and nimble administrative approaches, meaning less onerous decision making and quicker approval and implementations.
  4. Private schools benefit from engaged parents: Private and Catholic schools benefit from an engaged and emotionally invested community of parents who often advocate – and raise funds – for significant improvements and cutting-edge technology.

Neglecting the Catholic and private school markets because of their smaller size is neglecting to see their impact and spending power. Here’s a snapshot of the schools and educators that make up this market. catholic and private school market snapshot

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Toni Elsberry is Director of Strategic Accounts at Agile Education Marketing. Toni taps into her more than 15 years of experience in education sales and marketing to help edtech organizations utilize data and multi-channel marketing to move PreK-12 and higher education decision-makers through the education sales cycle: building brand awareness, establishing thought leadership and authority, generating leads, and driving sales. Reach Toni at telsberry@agile-ed.com.

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