Finding Funding

Millions of dollars that are allocated for low income schools, go unused each year. Read that again. Surprising? Not really, and here’s why: There are so many public and private opportunities for scholarships, grants, philanthropy projects, angel investors, and so forth, that it can be overwhelming for an educator to navigate; this leaves many funding stones un-turned.

Of course, educators have seen great success in utilizing crowdfunding platforms such as, for smaller classroom projects and needs. On a larger scale, there are platforms for educators to pitch an idea for a grant through Get Ed funding, or America’s Seed Fund. Additionally, by searching a local state’s government website, and the federal grant website,, continuous funding opportunities can be found for schools and classrooms. Remember, to filter results by searching for “Education.”

A school is allotted a certain amount of funds each year, and it is crucial that they utilize all of that funding so they are given the same amount or more for the next school year’s budget. As student populations grow, and consistent, various, needs arise, a school needs to prove that each dollar is necessary and being used to benefit their school and its students. If a teacher or administrator is given a grant; they too need to utilize all of that grant money in order to remain eligible for the grant.

Besides searching the internet, there are opportunities for educators to go to local businesses, who will often fund a project, or a classroom need. Larger companies and corporations will often offer scholarships for local students, and discounts for their teachers. There are even several grants and scholarships for educators to continue their education and non-profit organizations who are committed to helping them do so, such as

As an educator, nothing is more important than ensuring your students have the tools they need to learn. Those tools come in various shapes, sizes, and forms. Finding funding to help facilitate growth in schools and classrooms can be frustrating, but it can be found. Listed below are several resources that are readily available for educators to utilize in their funding search:

Federal Grants


Private Grants

The Toyota USA Foundation

The National Council for Teachers, Mathematics

Bank of America Charitable Foundation

Inside Philanthropy



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About the Author

Meredith Biesinger is an experienced classroom teacher and school administrator. She has written and implemented differentiated and blended curriculum into various K-12 and college classrooms for more than a decade. With a B.S. degree in English Education and a Master’s of Education in K-12 Policy and Leadership, Meredith’s primary focus has been faculty development and teacher training. Meredith currently resides in Mississippi with her family, where she is actively involved with her community’s schools. In her spare time she enjoys reading, DIY home projects and singing in the local choir.

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